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2010-05-15 12:33 am

Curse you technology.

So I crossposted my previous post to LiveJournal, but I don't think I included any identifying information to help anyone who knows me there know me here as well. You'd think I'd be good at using software, but this isn't always the case.

This one should have the footer thingy on it.
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2010-05-14 11:58 pm

A post of sorts

All the cool kids have shifted away from LiveJournal. I really only kept that account around to keep up with all the folks on my list. I expect I'll keep it around still and maintain the high energy pace of posting I had there. That is to say, once or twice a year.

I seldom have anything to say I consider valuable enough to immortalize anywhere, and I doubt this space for immortalizing things I have to say will get filled about as fast as every other space I have to immortalize things I have to say.